The last 17 of September, more than 660 years after have had the opportunity of know many details of that eclipse of Sun that darkened the day in it "time prima" and that someone that lived that event wanted to that it knew. At that time the person carved in stone an inscription saying "Anno domini M CCC: L: IIII 17TH die septembris: hour premium obscure ITU Sun"

Piedra-Eclipse - sos

Stone which describes the eclipse of Sos

A series of coincidences (Julio Torres and Loli Ibañe made that that discovery two astronomers, Mª José Martínez used and Francisco Marco Castillo, of the University of Valencia, were interested who served to develop a study that has allowed to study more precisely the rotation of the Earth and which is echoed in the prestigious magazine.

Of this form a story historical will has transformed in a contribution scientific.

But this stone has a special dimension is that it is one of only three entries in the world that make reference to a documented eclipse. The other two are in Italy and Soria although de Sos can be read all information, which is not the case with the other two in that is not described in full.



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