The streets are filled with tourists looking at the arches, walls, towers and palaces. The smoke from the chimneys predicts a good Grill for lunch. Bars with tapas and groups listening to the interesting explanations of the guides. It is the bridge of todos los santos in Sos of the Catholic King.
It tomorrow was born with the Tower of the tribute cover by the fog and not missed who is entered in the monte to get the image fantastic of Sos leaving of them clouds.
Each person is a history that will be after the bridge, the first day of work will explain with hairs and signals all what has enjoyed, the food in a bar typical of stone with some crumbs delicious, the friendly Mr that you helped to find the road in that maze that is it Jewish, that wonder that is the crypt of the Church of San Esteban. And the photo, always the picture, sitting in the Chair or on the legs of Berlanga.

After a few seconds of pause to remember… always a recommendation "have to go".

I leave some pictures, some taken during the bridge and others of file. You can use them and share them. Nothing we like more than all the world know our destination, Sos of the King Catholic, Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain.


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