Easter 2016

Processions and passion. Traditions

The month of March has brought us much tourist activity. Occupation has been very good since the first weekend with the 'Javieradas' and the first acts by the birth of a King.

During the second weekend we hung the poster's full to celebrate more well-known acts of the medieval. Remember the skits, the market, the recreation, camp, etc. etc. don't have words to describe it rather than spend it.

And already we are at Easter. From Palm Sunday until the Sunday of the resurrection, the occupation is going to be very important and there are many things that will fill the agenda of those who visit us. On Thursday we have one more like that to our visitors by what is different. It's the passion. Twelve residents of Sos is dressed in tunics and roam the streets singing texts alluding to the passion of Jesus Christ. They carry the bag of judas and beg.

Friday as in so many other Spanish localities, Sos of the Catholic King takes off his procession of good Friday. Ours is particularity the environment where it is produced. The cobbled streets and medieval part of the town make the procession to take a look with a unique beauty.

But not all are religious acts. During Holy week can enjoy our heritage, guided visits to the Jewish quarter, the Palace of Sada, the Church of San Esteban and other monuments. And by so-called we can forget our gastronomy and craft products stores, or a ride on horseback, walks along our routes…

In short, enjoy is the best choice.



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