November is full of stars in Sos of the rey Catholic. From 17 to 28 Cathedral of the sea team will fill the streets of the town and will bring us to the middle ages.

The most emblematic as the Jewish quarter, the Portal of the Queen or the medieval market will become sets of filming for this famous work. Diagonal TV under the direction of Jorge Frades has opted for this town by its unique condition for the period ambience and its strategic location between Madrid and Barcelona. The excellent hotel and offer restoration and have all the facilities to accommodate more than 100 people during these nine days has been determining also.

With this production Sos returns to claim is as "people of cinema" and stage fantastic for productions audiovisual. Not in vain, in addition to the Heifer many series and movies have been shot within these walls.


la catedral del mara en sos 1

la catedral del mara en sos 2

la catedral del mara en sos3

la catedral del mara en sos 4


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