Sos del Rey Católico joins a celebration unprecedented in our country that worships the love with the scenario of peoples most beautiful of SpainRomantic night.

47 of the most beautiful villages of Spain are attached to an event that will take place simultaneously in more than 200 Italian towns and Belgium during the summer solstice, on the night of June 24.

During that night, these more than 300 municipalities will host unique visual shows and a range of varied activities, as parades, works of theatre, concerts, exhibitions, folk dances, sweepstakes, markets or thematic visits. The climax will be when, at 24:00 hours, when the 24th step 25, thousands of people will show their love, affection or your eternal love with kiss 'Most beautiful in the world'

Complete program for the romantic night day


00: 00-to "Sanjuanarse"! From Fountain Square of the Inn.

Traveling melodies in various heritage sites will sound throughout the day and offered tapas with heart and taste of romantic menus in different bars and restaurants of the village.

22:00 hours. – "Walk in the light of the Moon" with output from the Palace of Sada and with romantic ending in the same Palace Gardens.

23:00 hours. – presentation at the Town Hall of the campaign "Sos, if I want to"

23:15 hours. – "Love knots" (at City Hall will be delivered to each of the couples that wish it a tape in which can write their names and words of love then go to the medieval fish market and knotting it on your railing.)

23:30 hours-"Night of love and B-SOS" in la Lonja medieval illuminated with candles. (Poetry, music, dance romantic…)

24:00 hours-"The world's largest Kiss" (expression of affections coinciding with the sound of bells announcing the middle of the night, and the thousands of couples in the towns most beautiful of Spain, Belgium and Italy) and continuation of the romantic evening.


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