Since September one day the Mane Belt LIX painter is making an exhibition of his work in the Palace of child from Sos of the Catholic King.
Installed in two plants, in the part low can visit is the work previous to this shows in which the painter recreates different moments of its production, from the works in which plays with them classic as Velazquez, Goya, etc. passing by an of the more showy dedicated to Frida Kahlo.
Already on the first floor the visitor enters the latest developments of the artist, a colourful and dynamic work that mane remember passing through the Mediterranean. Those colors that in its early years left the footprint that now plasma in their pictures. Is maintains as constant the recall of the view from the window to the sea and the evolution of those moments.
The contemplation of these collections also allow you to acquire pictures presenting by this author who spent several years in Sos during the month of September.


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