Sos del Rey Católico lies in an ideal location for many routes and trips that will allow you to learn more about the heritage environment, natural and human of the region.

First visit:

We are in what is known as pre and have very close locations with great cultural and patrimonial interest.

Down the mountain we find Castiliscar, a small town very well looked after and where it well worth a stop to stroll. Further down we find Sadaba. It is distinguished by its spectacular castle, example of Cistercian military architecture of transition, from the 11th century, you can also visit the Church of Santa Maria, which belongs to the Gothic Levantine style and was consecrated in the 1549. From here take Uncastillo few KMS Road found the detour to Layana. following the road you can visit an impressive archaeological site of the Roman settlement of the Bañales. Returning to the road we reach Uncastillo. This town has a high historical value where Romanesque churches, Castle, streets and squares and its interpretation centers.

Nearby are Luesia and Biel which are two cores with unique buildings worth visiting. In any of them you can think of to eat since it has highly recommended establishments.


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