the bañales

In the bañales, Cinco Villas open day

On good Friday (25/3/2016) attended the open day of the Bañales in which one of the deposit, Pedro, experts guided us by all spaces where has been excavated barely two percent of the total area in which settled the nameless city.

In this link you can see many references in the history of the Bañales.

We admire the Forum, houses the pedestals and the hot springs. We were able to get idea of how life was at that time and we discover how, through the aqueduct brought water to the city. Later coinciding with the crisis of the Empire it was abandoned until the looting and the time disappeared hundreds of years of history.

We started the tour in the old town, the Hill of El Pueyo. We learned how the settlement was created, first the Basques appear as the people who started the constructions at the top of the Hill. The development of a civilization that for four hundred years filled with urban beauty and Roman influence this region we find from the arrival of the early Romans.

The tireless explanations of Peter inch by inch and stone to stone us captivated and opened us to a fascinating world. The Roman Empire at our feet. When you come to visit us can not miss a visit to this wonder. The Comarca of Cinco Villas boasts a huge mudejar, Romanesque, nature, gastronomic heritage, etc. etc. why we recommend that you do all the visits and trips that we can recommend.



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