Just 20 minutes from Sos of the Catholic King in the direction of Navarra can enjoy an excursion with two features, Roman past and a surprising nature.

Previous article I spoke of the Roman site of the bañales in Uncastillo. Then you will see how this area was very influenced by Roman culture and it was an important enclave of the passage of the Empire through these lands.

Right in the roundabout where indicates the entrance to the motorway from Pamplona we have a detour that leads to few meters up to the Roman villa of Liédena. Surprisingly, the size of the excavations and the importance of the recovered ruins.

A large Roman villa which can contemplate, aided by informative panels, distribution and the way of life at that time. We have the possibility of a visit that could lead us more than half an hour if we delve into the history. We can not leave this enclave without delight us with the views of the Foz de Lumbier. From the viewpoint, we will see the old bridge in ruins which is left and which arrive at delving into the Gorge.

We have two possibilities, return to Liédena and begin the walk from there along the way or get to Lumbier and enter by opposite part you to first visit the interior of the Foz.

This time we did this last tour and the images correspond to this second possibility.

As we say we must reach Lumbier coming on the motorway and at the entrance of the village follow the indication to the Foz and interpretation centre. There we found a parking lot that we can leave the car at a price of €2.5. Even though we have two people who delivered us a few interesting brochures and explain what we can see on the promenade.

You just need to take the path and prepare ourselves to enjoy through the tunnels, down to the river and photographing the fantastic flora and fauna that we find in the tour.

As indications, we highlight the following:

Down to the River: Although you will see different possible entries, the most convenient but that we must carefully is located just before entering the second tunnel on the right. At that point we will be able to stop a while to contemplate the Canyon and the river falling harder.

Stone Bridge: nothing after the second tunnel must look right entering a path in which we see some signs. We will continue this path stony carefully since sometimes it narrows and requires you to be careful. When we get to see the bridge we have to do a small decline in which again will have to walk carefully since the rocks due to the passage of the people is very worn and slipping. It is advisable to get stuck to the rock to hold us conveniently.

And that's it. Enjoy the trip and let us know that you have thought you.

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