Whenever we talk about cycling mountain bike or bike, it seems that it is the same as saying…

Sos of the Catholic King

This weekend we have enjoyed with the second test fact of the season

The painful active rural tourism mountain biking

In Casa del Infanzón de Sos of the Catholic King, we have had the pleasure of having several groups of ciclo-turistas of which a couple came directly from Holland. That Yes all are gone with a common idea, the phrase that most commented… "the coming year again". For those who feel passion for this sport La Dolorosa is a prized test because of the difficulty involved in running it and the treatment they receive from the organization.
The race has three tests with different characteristics and requirements. The painful Ultramarathon distance: 183 km ports and saws: 12 cumulative altitude: + 4, 500 m, marathon distance: 120 km ports and saws: 8 cumulative altitude: + 2.800 m and the short distance: 120 km ports and saws: 8
Cumulative: + 2, 800 m

As all events that take place in the Cinco Villas the human quality of the volunteers is one of the most noteworthy features. The Group of volunteers that perform their work for many days and the day of the test is exceptional.

Another of the things most valued are the refreshments, each year are overcome and maintained a very high level, which is not seen in other similar tests. Treatment at the time after the arrival in which clothes the cyclist knotting her recovery and with a very renowned pecking is another of the moments that most remind cyclists who come to Sos of the Catholic King.

The towns of Lobera, Longas, Pintanos and ultimately the the Valldonsella are proud of the importance and the level that you are getting this Dolorosa. Virtually all participants are willing to return and recommend it to their circles of BTT.



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