La vaquilla, Juego de pistas
La vaquilla, Juego de pistas Sos del rey católico

The tracks game aims to offer our visitors a different way to visit the town of Sos del Rey Católico.

The Heifer was filmed in 1985 and was for us an important anniversaries, the staff lived with neighbors for more than two months and this contributed to establish emotional links which remain until today.

On the 25th anniversary the town wanted to have a recognition with this fact and chairs of director in bronze and a statue was commissioned to honor both Luis Gª Berlanga and the rest of the team.

Today they are a sculptural monument that allows to visit the places where the scenes were filmed. We hope that you will enjoy with our proposal.

Download the plane and tracks to finish the race by a people of cinema.

Download floorplan

Download tracks


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